Built By Knowledge

If you stop learning, you stop living.  As you work to create optimal health and wellness in your life through nutrition and lifestyle,  learning is the key piece of the puzzle. 

Constantly gathering new information to further yourself in your life, towards your goals and to achieve health is the greatest way to unleash your greatness. 

As I continue to learn through the books I chose to read, I will update this page with more reading recommendations. 

If you have a recommendation or a comment please feel free to send them my way.

Reading Recommendations



As the book is described, it  is full of useful information for anyone who is wanting to improve their lives. I personally, found it was broken up into smaller chunks (chapters) with even smaller to absorb tips that really resonate with people living in this modern world. It's practical, informative with a comedic flare. 

Sleep Smarter


This book really brings to light the importance of sleep and how it isn't about just closing your eyes and catching some Zzz's but overall health and wellness hinges on sleep and how sleep is affect by what we do in our daily lives. Even if you feel you are getting a good night's sleep, this book will make you want to improve on it even more. 

Atomic Habits


This book may just be my all time favourite read ever. Often times we read books and they give us many great tools to create better things (mindsets, habits, health, etc.) and not so much focus on how to eliminate the bad things.  This book gives equal tools and tips to creating good habits and breaking the bad ones. The knowledge, references and information provided in this book gives anyone the tools they need to create healthy lift long habits.